Printing Partner

Become a Printing Partner

At Peak Performance Prints, we're more than just printers - we're your partners in making your brand known.

Our printing partner is an opportunity for sports clubs, sports organisations and sporting events to have a no-fuss approach to offering merchandise to your members.

You design, we print stock and ship.

How does our printing partner work?

Our printing partner is simple - we stock, print and ship. We take all the work out of it for you.

How is the merchandise designed?

Everyone will be using our state-of-the-art 3D customisation. You have full control over what can be designed on any merchandise.

How can members design their own merchandise?

You will have your own personal library of logos, images and texts you have chosen. Members can then choose what apparel they want and then follow our simple workflows where they can choose the positioning of logos, add personalisation and more!

Where do members go to get their merchandise?

You create a page on your website with a link to our official site. Here you will have your own personal 3D customisation page with your collection of merchandise and workflows. We will then receive any orders and then ship them directly.

How do the payments work?

Once any merchandise has been ordered, both Peak Performance Prints & the partnered club receives a notification of purchase. Peak Performance Prints receive full payment of each order. The club then receives a percentage at the end of each month of sales.

Are there any set up or monthly costs?

There are no set up costs - we will happily create as many workflows as you need and make sure you are completely happy with them before we go live. However, we do incur a monthly fee of $30 per month for maintenance of the workflows and changes to any apparel or workflow.

What percentage do clubs get a month?

The more sales the club receives the higher percentage the club gets back.

0-50 purchases - 15%

51-100 purchases - 20%

101+ purchases - 25%

What other benefits are there to being a printing partner?

Members feel a greater sense of belonging and they can have the option to advertise their own companies. You can enhance the clubs image and bring greater member engagement. The club will receive better recognition and sponsorship opportunities for the club.

How do you get started?

Simply send us an enquiry using the form below and we will be in touch shortly where we can discuss more detail. You can also request for a workflow design free of charge.


Want to know more?

Do you want to learn more about us and the processes before you know Peak Performance Prints is right for you?

Send us an email and we can discuss further.